Client Email Interaction

Subject: 49 Ridgewood Items

Dear Angelika,

I have been going through the attic boxes from the Milford house and
have some items that your Client may have overlooked.

There are some framed photographs of children and an address book that
she may want. We also found the following:

1) A set of Rosenthall China, handmade in Germany. The pattern is
Golden Palm. 75 pieces in all. It appears to have been wrapped & boxed
about 20 years ago.

2) A Japanese tea set, 8 cups & saucers dated 1953-54 (date hand
written on the box).

3) One Heinrick Teapot (Anmuit "64") floral pattern from Bavaria.

4) Crystal stemware. (An incomplete set 17 pieces in all)

5) Small wine "flutes" (9 pieces).

Based on my internet search, some of the items above may have value,
but probably more so as family heirlooms.

In this economy the secondary markets ie. E-bay & consignment shops,
are flooded with items such as these.

Please advise your client that we would be happy to deliver these
items to her, or your office.

Of course if she does not want them, we will take care of them, as per
our agreement.

Peter Schattenfield
Managing Partner
Turning Point Real Estate Services, LLC

Subject: FW: 49 Ridgewood items

I was able to access the list sent from Turning Point.
I appreciate all the work they have done cataloging all the items. I
think it would be best if they could donate them to a charity gift
shop or consignment shop.This way someone would get an item or items
that they really like for a nominal price and the charity will get
some money. A win win situation for all concerned.

Warmest regards,